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Alannah is a 27 year old wildlife photographer based in South-East England. Her work, with a focus on British wildlife, has taken her all over the UK, although there is always a strong affinity for her hometown where Alannah has been watching the same family of wild urban foxes for over 8 years.

Alannah first spotted fox cubs in her garden in 2011 and started watching and photographing them, but it wasn't until 2012 when a vixen had cubs under her shed that the close relationship she has now started to form. After watching the cubs grow to adulthood, Alannah was happy to see that one of the cubs, a little vixen nicknamed 'Jack', stayed in the territory, and the following year had cubs of her own. By carefully watching 'Jack' since her birth, Alannah managed to build up a close relationship with the wild vixen - so much that 'Jack' treats Alannah as one of her own and allows her to see intimate events usually hidden from human eyes. Through this intimate relationship Alannah has managed to build up a family tree of the foxes which can be seen here.

It was this relationship that lead to Alannah's close documentation of fox life, and her footage of Jack as a cub was featured on Channel 4s 'Foxes Live'. The following year she carefully placed a small night-vision camera under her shed while it wasn't in use, and was lucky enough that Jack chose to den right in front of it two years later! The footage was streamed live around the world as 2015 sensation 'Cubcam', and earned Alannah an invitation onto BBC's Springwatch Extra to discuss her work live.

Her success has only continued, gaining 'highly commended' awards in the British Wildlife Photography Awards for five years running; In 2014 with 'A Quick Glance', in 2015 with 'Division', in 2016 with 'Admiration', in 2017 with 'Delicacy' and commended with 'Day Dreamer' and in 2018 with 'From The Shadows'. She has been featured numerous times in her local and regional press, including a two page spread in Photography Monthly and has even formed part of the 2016 British Wildlife Photography Awards calendar. She also regularly volunteers at a local wildlife rescue (The Wildlife Aid Foundation, Leatherhead) to help injured and orphaned animals, where she improves her knowledge about her subjects. Alannah is available to give talks on her work and relationship with the foxes, and often holds exhibitions around the Surrey area. Her work is also available to buy on her site, all products are hand made by Alannah and are available for purchase using Paypal or credit card. You can find all the information on the products from cards, to prints, to framed signed prints on the shop page.

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    Awards & Achievements    

Banham Zoo Photographic Competition 2012 - My images placed 1st & 3rd

Channel 4s 'Foxes Live' 2012 - My video of foxes was featured on the show

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2014 - Highly commended with 'A Quick Glance' in 'Portraits'

Photography Monthly Magazine 2014 - A double page interview about my work

Surrey Mirror Newspaper 2014 - An article about my photographic work

Dorking Advertiser Newspaper 2014 - An article about my photographic work

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015 - Highly commended with 'Division' in 'Portraits'

BBCs Springwatch Extra 2015 - A live interview with me about my photography

MPB Photographic Feature 2015 - An interview with me about my photographic work

Surrey Mirror Newspaper 2015 - An article about my work & live fox den camera

Surrey Mirror Newspaper 2015 - An article about my work & awards

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 - Highly commended with 'Admiration' in 'Portraits'

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 - 'Admiration' used in 2017 Calendar

Country Life Magazine 2016 - Double page spread of my image for a fox article

BBCs Winterwatch Unsprung 2016 - One of my fox images featured on the show

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 - Highly commended with 'Delicacy' in 'Close to Nature'

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2017 - Commended with 'Day Dreamer' in 'Behaviour'

RH Uncovered (Reigate) Magazine 2017 - A page interviewing me about my work

Practical Photography 2018 - A feature on my award winning image 'Delicacy'

British Wildlife Photography Awards 2018 - Highly commended with 'From the shadows' in 'Portraits'

Country Life Magazine 2020 - One of my fox images used as the front cover

Over 35 shows and exhibitions